Enrollment Form

[IMPORTANT] If you are signing up for the summer camps, use the separate Summer Camp form at the top of each summer camp page.

Thank you for your enrollment. There are NO obligations or charges to your until your class schedule is set up. Please follow the directions.

1. Fill out the form below.
2. In the form, give us details on the program(s) you are interested.
3. Make sure to include school year (for example, 10th / 2023-2024) for the "Grade" field for the student.
3. Wait for a text message, email, or phone call from us. We will contact you within two business days with a specific plans for your child(ren).
4. For younger students, we will send you assessments, and for middle school or high school students, we will set up an online interview. This will help us prepare their learning materials before their first class with us.

Parent (Guardian)


To ensure students receive the full benefits of our educational services, it is imperative that both parents and students take responsibility in managing class attendance.

Please review our attendance policy below.

It is our expectation that all parents and students (clients) properly manage and/or attend all confirmed scheduled classes, and class attendance is clients' responsibility.

For recurring classes, each class is considered CONFIRMED between the client and Honor Academy unless canceled or rescheduled by EITHER PARTY AHEAD OF TIME.

Honor Academy has the authority to remove the client from the schedule after frequent absences.

If you want your child your yourself to be disenrolled from our program, email us at [email protected] by the 15th of your last enrolled month, and you will be removed from our class starting the following month. There will be no refund for any missing class while you are still enrolled.

[Temporary Break]
If you are temporarily unable to attend classes with inevitable reasons and would like to come back to the same class or schedules, you MUST inform us ahead of time, and the length cannot be longer than a month except for summer break, which allows up to two months of temporary break if necessary. There will be a $100 deposit to secure your seat, which will be refunded when you resume. Otherwise, your seat may be assigned to another student, and your new class group or schedule will be determined based on availability.

[Cancelation for a session]
If a client must cancel their session due to extenuating circumstances, the client MUST give Honor Academy at least 24 hours’ notice.

To cancel, please log in at honoracademy.com and CANCEL the class by logging in at HONORACADEMY.COM. You will have access to each session once both parties have confirmed class schedule(s). Click the session you would need to cancel and click "CANCEL" button. The status will change from "scheduled" to "canceled" (before cut-off) or "missed" (after cut-off). Again, the cut-off is 24 hours prior to the class schedule.

We may be unable to process your cancelation or rescheduling request without the process mentioned above. Feel free to contact us for more information. Text messages or emails may NOT be found in time for your cancelation due to high volumes of messages we receive.

Speech and Debate classes OR subject-based classes at discounted rates, such as Speech and Debate+Math, will NOT be canceled and skipped and must always be RESCHEDULED.

Once you complete the cancellation process through your lesson calendar, a confirmation email with a link to our BOOKING SYSTEM will be emailed to you.

If you do not see a schedule that works for you, or if you have any other questions, please contact us.
Although we will try our best, please keep in mind that Honor Academy may not always be able to navigate your or your child's other existing commitments.

[Tuition Rates]
For private classes scheduled at FULL tuition rate, each month’s tuition is based on how many sessions are PROVIDED, meaning canceling is acceptable and rescheduling is NOT required.

For group classes OR private classes scheduled at a DISCOUNTED tuition rate, each month’s tuition is based on how many sessions are EXPECTED, meaning rescheduling is ALWAYS required.

For Speech and Debate classes, each month’s tuition is FIXED, and ALL the confirmed classes are mandatory. If a student is absolutely unable to attend a class, they MUST attend an alternative class at a similar level.

Refer to the [Cancelation] and [Rescheduling]. Speech and Debate classes are often named with levels, such as "MS", "HS", "Novice", or "Varsity".
*MS: Middle School/HS:High School*

The monthly tuition for Speech and Debate classes guarantee 4 sessions each month. In many cases, we will also offer a 5th class at no extra charge. Although classes are scheduled weekly, a few classes may need to be canceled each year (due to holidays, etc.) at no discount to the client.

[Extra Sessions-applied to Speech and Debate students ONLY]
There are two extra sessions we require or suggest.

A. We may require one or a few INTRO classes depending on your child's experience leve. These classes are temporary and will not continue once we cover all the necessary foundation knowledge.

B. We may offer extra sessions when necessary. Many of them will be offered free of charge, but if it is by your request, there will be an extra charge.

For private classes at regular pricing, notices of absence made 24 hours or more in advance will be recorded as "CANCELED" while notices of absence made less than 24 hours in advance will be recorded as "MISSED". Please note that "MISSED" classes are still BILLABLE. We do not offer class credit, refunds, or discounts for any "MISSED" classes. If the session is properly "CANCELED" through our system, we will offer a makeup session OR a class credit to the following month if you are a PRIVATE STUDENT at a regular rate.

[Manual Payments]
There will be an invoice sent by EMAIL early each month. Tuition is due on receipt of the invoice. Any invoice balance unpaid by the 15th of the month may result in late fees in addition to the invoice balance.

We accept most payment methods including credit cards and Venmo. Be sure to use the drop down menu and indicate your preferred method.

If an invoice is left unpaid for a prolonged period of time, late fees will be accumulated in addition to the possibility of the student being dropped from their classes.

Your manual payment will most likely be updated in your profile at honoracademy.com within 10 business days.

[Auto-Pay Option]
For your convenience, we offer auto-pay. In order to use the auto-pay option, please save your card information in your first invoice and contact us to enable it. Simpy message us "AUTOPAY" with your or your child's name.

In the case of incorrect charges, our invoice system will count and compare the tuition amount and the number of sessions based on tuition rate.

I, as the parent or guardian of my child ("student"), agree that Honor Academy, their employees, and agents have the absolute right and permission to manage photographic portraits, pictures, digital images and videos, voice, or recordings of my child, stated as the "student," for the lessons or events managed or provided by Honor Academy. The digital images won't be shared with anyone including parents or legal guardians unless it is specifically requested by parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of the "student."
I warrant that I am at least eighteen (18) years of age, am the parent or legal guardian of the "student" described in this form, and have the full right and authority to grant the video consent on behalf of my child ("student").

I, as a parent or guardian of my child ("student"), agree that my child ("student") will attend in-person sessions at Honor Academy's physical location, and I will make sure my child ("student") is in good health before each class session. I agree that my child's ("student's") body temperature may be checked at home and upon entrance each day and that Honor Academy may not allow my child ("student") on the premises if they have a fever or a persistent cough. It is in my absolute understanding that Honor Academy will not be held liable if my child ("student") contracts COVID-19 or gets sick after their class session. I agree that Honor Academy and its employees may require my child ("student") to wear a mask during the entire time they are at Honor Academy's physical location.

[UPDATE on Face-to-Face students]
1. Wearing a mask is optional and not required, but recommended while you are inside Honor Academy.

2. Let us know if you or your family have a positive case of COVID-19 WITHIN 12 HOURS of becoming aware of the diagnosis. If necessary and available, we will offer a makeup class.

3. If you have contracted COVID-19, please do NOT return to in-person class until you have consistently tested negative. In the meantime, we will provide online classes for you.

4. If you are not feeling well and have a cough or fever, please let us know as soon as possible. We will ask students and parents who feel unwell to not attend in-person classes until they have fully recovered. Health and safety are our first priority.

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